Everyone has their story for acne. More often than not, these stories are rather painful and depressing.

Driving for perfect clear skin has been more and more important that it used to be and not just affecting woman but also for men.

Myself are one of the victim of the long painful war with Acne. Growing up in Singapore, i was blessed with clear glowing skin with hardly any pimple that will affect me in my younger days. How i wish that could always been that way. Sadly, during the time when i'm 21, things changed..

I've start forming deep pimple that are called cystic acne around my jawline and not long enough it spread all over my face.

I was hugely depressed.. I didnt dare to go out and i tried googling on every single remedy i could find in the internet that i hope it could help me from supplements to face wash and beauty products you named it and sadly


Today, 9years after. my condition had very much improved, I understand the pain and that is both mentally and physically that it should not be under estimated

Therefore, i wanted to help. i wanted to spread the word. i hope less people could gone through what i did and i believe everyone could help by sharing your stories.

Let those who are still fighting knows that they are not alone and one day, just one day, WE WILL WIN!